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Gnu-Web | August 20, 2018

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4 Benefits to A Computer Monitor Wall Mount

4 Benefits to A Computer Monitor Wall Mount
  • On April 26, 2017

These days, laptop computers and tablets are more common than desktop computers. It makes sense, actually:  it is becoming easier and easier to develop portable technology; and since people are finding their schedules more contentiously full than ever before, we continue to have higher need for computers that we can take on the go.  And phones—as powerful as they are—just are not enough, anymore.

But, if you do work from home more often than not, or if you simply have a computer in your home that you never need to take with you, you might find it is actually a better idea to get a desktop computer.  Should you choose to do this, then, you might also want to consider a monitor mount for desk at instead of a standard desktop monitor.

Here are a few reasons why:


If you are more prone to working on your computer only when you are in your home office, a desk monitor mount would actually be a more comfortable option in terms of optimal viewing. When you mount the monitor to the wall you can take advantage of the craning and turning options available with the mount—which means you don’t have to crane your neck to find the best viewing angle.  This also allows you to move it quickly according to the available light in the room.


As mentioned just now, another great benefit of a monitor wall mount is the ability to move it around as you need.  In fact, you can also move it away from the wall according the varying ways you might use your monitor.  From playing online games to viewing streaming movies to writing an essay or an expense report, there are many different ways you could use your monitor and, thus, many different ways you might want to view it.


Monitor wall mounts improve your space options in the same way that a television wall mount does.  It actually restores some space back on your desk which would have been otherwise occupied by the monitor stand.


And while we are on the topic of the desk, the professional “workspace” is changing all the time. We continue to explore improved technology options as well as healthier ways to work—including new concepts like the standing desk and even the treadmill desk—which you can experiment with more easily should you mount your monitor rather than set it on top of a desk.