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Gnu-Web | August 20, 2018

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5 ways through which you can do better ethnographic research

5 ways through which you can do better ethnographic research
  • On August 2, 2017

The ethnography is the first step that the marketers take before marketing their products among them. The ethnography is a marketing jargon as well as the scientific description of the peoples and cultures and their behaviors, habits and other mutual attributes. Through this, the marketer finds out what are the preferences of their target market and alter their products, services or at least their marketing strategies according to it. For example, if you want to market a logo design Dubai, company then you would have to do an ethnographic research on the people whom you think would be the customers of them. However, the ethnography is one of the hardest as well as the important task before the implication of the marketing strategies.

If you fail in preparing an accurate ethnographic report, your entire marketing strategy would be based on the false grounds which can never get success. That is why making sure that your ethnographic research is 100% accurate then you must use the following five ways to make your ethnographic research better.

  1. Audience:

The ethnographic cannot be done without the audience. But before getting into the audience, you are the people who first have to understand the audience and how you can make sure that they give their honest opinions on your questions. Moreover, the standard attributes of your target audience like their age and nationality will also help you in making your questionnaire. For example, speaking in the first person is not acceptable in many ethnographic questionnaire but if your, target audience is informal and young, and then you can go with it.

  1. Questionnaires:

Second important thing in the ethnography is questionnaire. Even if you understand your audience, without the right questionnaire you cannot build a compelling ethnographic report. That is why you must try to start with the most relevant questions first. The reason why this is recommended is that the person who is answering the questionnaire would only take first five or ten questions seriously and then his interest start losing which cause him to give the answers without any interest and he start checking random answers to finish the questionnaire as quick as possible. If you mention your important questions in the middle or last, there may be the chance that the answers that you get would not be true and will cost you a lot in while developing the marketing strategy.

  1. Present your study:

By the time you make your questionnaire, you also have to make a presentation in which you would have to introduce your study. You have to discuss different things related to your ethnography in this presentation like what you want to achieve, which issues your faces, what issues do you feel your target audience may have faced and what questions you wanted to have answered.

  1. Methodology:

Do not forget to include your process of ethnography in that presentation. Answer when you collated your research and what was the location of it and how you did. Did you use the online questionnaire or have the interviews of the people. You have to explain that how you come up with your results because it is important to know the person who is going to read your report.

  1. Analyze:

You will have to analyze and include the analytical pages in your report. In these pages, you will have to demonstrate the relationships and from where you can start building the conclusions of your report. You can also prove or disapprove any theories made on the section of your audience or even add the popular opinions of the people in it.