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Gnu-Web | August 20, 2018

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Archive Manager Is Better Than Almost Any Other Software on the Market

Archive Manager Is Better Than Almost Any Other Software on the Market
Georgianna Ramirez

Unlike almost all other file server archiving solutions,MLtek’s Archiver.FS does not try to store your files in a database. Instead it uses a shared space that is creates anywhere on the network. These abilities make Archive Manage possibility the most reliable and fasting software for archiving management in the world. It keeps the NTFS permissions on your folders and files after they have been archived (unlike database centered software), and it has all features that are expected. These comprise shortcuts that are left so that file user can remember files without troubling IT specialists, and it does not need a large database server making it extremely cost effective to install and begin using. This software can also be used to archive over a WAN. Benefits include:

  • By far the most cost effective archiving solution for Windows file servers for the last 10 years;
  • Enables you to move files from any UNC path or pathway to any other UNC pathways;
  • Allows re-using of older storage devices that have not been used for years;
  • Able to compress old files to save space;
  • No task requires IT specialist to go to each workstation to start tasks– the person that works at that work computer is able to set up any task they need;
  • Daily Maintenance Job returns recently used files to the live file system, and exactly duplicates file and folder permissions from the live system to the archives;
  • Established product with a substantial user base. Archive Manager is in use with all types of companies in over 40 countries;
  • Capable of handling extremely large file storage systems – the largest storage system presently managed by Archive Manager is“3.4 PetaBytes” and some might not know what a petabyte is;
  • Both subscription and perpetual licenses are accessible.

Lots of archiving solutions

There are a lot of file archiving solutions on the market but none of them handle the problem quite as simply as MLtek’s Archive Manager. It’s archiving software that was designed by an experienced Infrastructure Architect, not a committee of software developers and marketing people.