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Gnu-Web | July 20, 2018

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How to make playlist: Selecting songs for various celebrations and events

How to make playlist: Selecting songs for various celebrations and events
Andrew Currier

Music is prime necessity of any celebration, party or event and even any kind of people gathering ceremony. Playing music is now applicable in various formats, the music designers, technicians, composers, DJs and event companies are attending number of events in commercial, personal and even corporate world. Refer to live music apart from those recorded listening music  is also popular as music concerts, orchestra, live music functions , karaoke or theme parties and numerous  variant areas. Dancing is another aspect where numerous especially best dance songs 2017 or EDM songs 2017 like leading playlists which are decorated in various famous clubs and discotheques.Image result for How to make playlist: Selecting songs for various celebrations and events

How to select for own playlist for

  • Playlist for wedding parties and other related ceremonies: Selecting songs to play in various functions, traditional events, ceremonies and reception or any kind of after marriage party should be done as inclusion of adding songs which are dancing numbers as well, family oriented, peppy and favorite to all. You should in a way like
      1. Selecting satisfying all kind of persons as weddings or family events are full all age group persons for distinctive taste.
      2. Select songs which are dancing numbers like collection of top 10 dance songs as people want songs be more peppy and can be  dance on.
  • Playlist for various types of  house parties  : House parties are of various types as you have a farm house beer party , theme party , couple party , celebration party or like anything where the playlist will differ in each case ,so take care of :
    1. Select according to theme, like for couple party choose ballroom dance numbers, slow track dance numbers, salsa and any couple oriented  music –songs
    2. Get updated always as people love to have great updated collection of even yet-to be released songs
    3. Choose according to 90s, new, popular of all time and then mashup together
    4. Better get songs in different genres like pop songs, jazz, indie rock, understanding the taste. Do get modern form of music like electronic music, EDM songs or alike
  1. Playlist for personal collections:  Songs which are close to heart aren’t easy to make collection of as you have to slowly gain you interest and keep on adding your favorites to one place. Do this :
    1. Keep collections in as much categories you can make and as make quantity and quality driven as categories make songs to get access the similar kind easily.
    2. Make it year wise, genre wise, mood wise, theme wise and so accordingly as you prefer.