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Gnu-Web | August 19, 2018

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How To Sync Up HTC Phone With A Mac Computer

How To Sync Up HTC Phone With A Mac Computer
Jose Rankin

A lot of people opt to choose HTC phones which run on android operating systems. This becomes a challenge when you have a Mac computer ad want to sync up your data over these two different operating systems. Online research sometimes may prove futile as they may give you other alternatives to synchronizing data such as transferring data. There are also apps which offer the ability to sync or transfer data.


Syncmate, an app to sync HTC phones with Mac. This app offers you the best platform for all your syncing needs from data backup to mounting your htc phone with a mac disk. This allows you to easily manage your text messages from your mac computer and also your call history. It’s also not limited to media files and allows synchronizing your personal data as well. This includes your contacts, calendar, music, playlists etc. And will keep them up to date without any hassle. It also allows you to enjoy the same features even if you opted to switch to another android device.


This is another good app that enables you to access your htc smartphone and transfer data between your phone and computer. It will also allow you to easily install and uninstall, import and create backup for your android apps. It’s easy to move your files around but it doesn’t cater truly to the need to synchronize android HTC with Mac. This makes it hard to have your data automatically updated since you have to manually initiate the process of transferring data between the devices.

Android file transfer

This is a good free Google utility that allows you to transfer data between your smartphone and computer. The main issue is that it’s so out of date and may not be compatible with the later versions of android software.