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Gnu-Web | August 20, 2018

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Is CDN Important for Business?

Is CDN Important for Business?
  • On April 25, 2017

If you’re willing to build up a successful business, you should create an effective tool for making money. Nowadays  it can be a user friendly and handy to browse eCommerce website where you can trade your services and goods. Creating such kind of web platform is a complicated process: you need a catching web design and a decent speed to make your site notable for the online users.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to create something unique as there are quite a lot of special services that can help you do this. One of the most appropriate solutions can be a CDN for business.

Today, we’re going to discuss the main benefits of using a CDN for eCommerce websites.

Benefit 1: CDN is Able to Accelerate Your Web Performance

You won’t believe, but an ordinary user won’t wait more than 2 seconds to let your web site download. It’s a critically short period of time and you have to do your best to create a speedy online resource.

You may do loads of adjustments like cutting the size of your images or compressing JS and CSS files. However, these things won’t work as effectively as a CDN. When you apply for such kind of service, you let your web files to be copied, cached and placed on the servers scattered around the world. It means your target user won’t have to address your initial website to browse the your online platform. In addition, you get such additional benefits as:

  • A decrease of bottlenecks and package loss;
  • Better opportunities to broadcast internet videos;
  • An opportunity to use additional domains and increase the number of requests.

Benefit 2: CDN is Able to Improve Your SEO Rankings

If you want to be favored by your potential online users, you should ‘make friends’ with Google. It’s essential to do this as this search engine is the one who would determine whether the online users would find your site or not.

No one knows how exactly Google is making its search lists, but some SEO specialists assume that it really ‘likes’ user friendly and fast web platforms. Using CDN services can help you create such kind of site very easily.

Benefit 3: It is Able to Protect Your Web Content

A caching web design and a fast speed are really important for creating a profitable website. However, you shouldn’t forget about a unique and useful web content. It may become the main thing that attracts online users to your site. If you want to protect it from being stolen, you can use a CDN as it’s able to guard your web site from spammers, scrappers and other internet bots.