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Gnu-Web | August 20, 2018

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Show care of the environment with the new propane-powered scooter

Show care of the environment with the new propane-powered scooter
Georgianna Ramirez

Some couple of years ago seeing a guy riding an ecologically clean scooter would probably seem as a true miracle. Yet, times change and technologies evolve exponentially. Today things like electric cars and propane-powered scooters are no longer projects on a paper. And ProGo PS3000 review is the perfect evidence to that statement.

Expectedly, whenever thinking of buying an appliance like ProGo 3000, people usually tend to ask about engine power and maximum speed. Speaking in advance, the model isn’t that powerful as, say, a sports bike and trying to race on it would surely be treated as a bad idea. But in what refers to ProGo’s product speed is not the thing to admire; safety, convenience and economy play a more superior part in this case.

Things to admire about the scooter

As was mentioned earlier, the scooter is equipped with propane driven engine, which emits no toxic wastes and accumulates much fewer deposits compared to gas-powered machines. All the exhausts that come out after a combustion cycle quickly dissolve in air, causing no harm to the environment. No surprise the product is positioned as an eco-friendly type of a vehicle and boasts the EPA and CARB approvals, which is marked by the label attached to its frame.

As to other advantages, the model comes with the 8” wheels and possesses the admirable tiny dimensions, which surely, contributes to its maneuverability on the road. Thus, whenever a car gets blocked or jammed, this little thing easily overcomes the tie-ups and moves forward. In addition, front and rare disc brakes provide the maximum security level and allow you to immediately react in case of emergency. Luckily, a relatively low speed of 20 mph makes it easier for a rider to act in accordance with the situation. In fact, it’s quite unlikely you can seriously injure anyone at a speed like that. And in what refers to other traffic participants, you’ll always have a clear view of the road and will notice them from afar.

Nice chance to contribute to the environmental protection

Now that we‘ve talked about the model’s strong points and a driver’s personal security it is time to discuss its eco-friendly values as well. A 25 cc four-stroke engine the scooter comes with is designed to completely burn fuel and produce minimum emissions. It is known that the chemical properties of propane make it possible to achieve a result like that. A low carbon concentration stands as the key reason for the product’s beneficial effect on the environment. Outside that, the boiling temperature of propane is two times lower than that of gasoline. Thus, it leaves no wastes after combustion and raises overall unit efficiency.

Also, when speaking of the vehicle, one can’t neglect the fact it isn’t subjected to the law restrictions as to where it can be used (unlike the gas-powered machines). The device ownership grants you with a unique chance to mount your ride practically everywhere, even inside the public facilities. Other words, it automatically adds you to the rows of nature lovers and gives privileges. Isn’t that a pleasant fact in itself?