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Gnu-Web | August 19, 2018

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Smart CRM solutions: Which are the features of the best CRM tool?

Smart CRM solutions: Which are the features of the best CRM tool?
  • On September 11, 2017

CRM tools have gained more and more popularity amongst business owners and managers. They offer reliable solutions for management purposes, they are packed with cutting-edge technology and offer automation opportunities, regardless of the segment of activity in which each manager chooses to use those. However, worth noticing is the existence of a product for each department, a product that will assist and ease the activity of each employee. A CRM program able to deliver these advantages to its users is the bpm’online. Developed in an intelligent fashion, the vast majority of these products compress, at a large scale, the same features. Differences exist, this is why it is mandatory to assess where your company shows deficiency and decide accordingly.

1. Multiple purposes in the same product

The first clue that a business manager is dealing with a state-of-the-art piece of technology is the tool’s capacity to coordinate all the actions inside a company. Sales, marketing and customer relations, customer management, all packed in the same tool, all packed in a beautiful and easy to comprehend and use tool.But keep in mind that only the best customer relationship management apps are designed in such a fashion, so you won’t find the same level of usefulness in all.

2. Common tools integrated into some of the best CRM systems

  • The marketing tool, in general, is designed to help marketing teams concentrate only the worthy leads, which can be easily transformed in sales. These tools, in general have e-mail marketing campaign features, and combined with the exquisite lead selection capabilities, they enable the marketing teams work more productively and register higher rates of lead-to-sales. They provide the opportunity for identifying customer’s needs and desires and this way, transforming those into deals is handled with more ease and grace.
  • The sales tools integrated into some of the best products, have all a common ground: they have the capability to automate the sales processes, regardless of their stage in the workflow. An easy to navigate interface is a feature found not only in the already notorious bpm’online tool, but also in other CRM tools, such as Dynamics CRM and Zoho CRM. These sales force automation tools enable sales persons to handle more effectively the sales process, in different stages of their lives: from lead to order and afterward invoice and contract management.
  • The innovative customer relations tools integrated into state-of-the-art CRM systems have omnichannel communication means with customers, 360º customer view features, service catalogue, knowledge management features, contact center etc. They also offer predefined templates and pre-recorded answers to several of the most common questions and issues a customer might have. As a result, they ease considerably the tasks of a customer relations team.

3. Engaging interface

A simplistic interface is not always a good thing when it comes to CRM tools, due to the complexity of the processes handled by those. But some of the most notorious products in the industry share the benefit of having an engaging interface, which allows effortless access to various tools from the same screen.