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Gnu-Web | August 19, 2018

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Things to Know About the Much Loved FPS CS:GO

Things to Know About the Much Loved FPS CS:GO
Andrew Currier

Counter Strike was first launched by Valve in 1999. It was basically a mod for Half-Life, so it was pretty obscure. Nobody expected it to leave much of a mark on the minds of gamers. But contrary to all expectations Counter Strike became a huge success; so much so that developers launched 3 more games in the series along with a few spin off games.

The latest addition to the series is Counter Strike: Global offensive; better known as CS;GO. It has already become very popular and it’s clearly one of the gaming world’s most favorite first person shooter or FPS game. It was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012.Image result for Things to Know About the Much Loved FPS CS:GO

Gameplay modes

There are 5 game modes available for online players; Competitive, Casual,

Deathmatch, Arms Race and Demolition. There are defuse and hostage missions available, and if you are lucky, at the end of each game, you might get weapon boxes, capsules or guns as drops. Unfortunately, you can’t open the capsules or boxes without keys, and in order to get keys you will need to spend real money in the steam marketplace.

Maps old and new

All the maps that were available in the other versions of Counter Strike are available in CS;GO as well with the addition of some new maps. There has been no change in the array of weaponry either. The downside of the game for most casual players is that in order to make any headway at all, you need to spend significant amount of money. All the good quality weaponry is exclusively available in the steam store and won’t be dropped as part of any rewards.

Ranking system

If you win 5 or 6 games continuously then you will be able to make some progress through the ranks, however losing matches will lead to down gradation. Thankfully, there are not many restrictions in the casual mode and new players can still enjoy the game in this mode without spending any money on the game. You can even earn some money by placing bets at on the tournament matches.