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Gnu-Web | August 20, 2018

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Ways to Root Out Bad SEOFirms

Ways to Root Out Bad SEOFirms
Andrew Currier

In case you have never had to deal with SEO firms before, it is understandable how you might make a mistake. You no doubt wanted a SEO firm that will make all your website search engine optimization issues go away and generate more sales and traffic. But now it seems that something has gone wrong and though you can’t put your finger to it, you still feel that all is not right in the world. Here are some ways you can find out if the SEO firm you have hired is right for the job.

They explain without giving any real answers

So you have hired a firm to handle your website search engine optimisation, but now they have clammed up and are not giving any answers to your questions. Or the answers are vague; the explanations are long winded, full of jargon, without any real substance. If this is happening, then the warning bells should be ringing in your head at full volume. You should waste no time and fire them, they might already have caused too much harm. It is your business, and you have the right to know about everything that goes on, if a SEO company refuses to answer you then they need to go. The responsibility to keep a close check on a SEO firm lies with you.

They want to use tools for most of the work

If tools or programs could beat a search engine algorithm, then there would be no need for SEO companies. So, if the company you have hired for website search engine optimisation claims that they can do the lion’s share of the job by using a special tool, then say goodbye to them on the spot. There is no magic tool that can handle all the diverse tasks associated with SEO. Automatic page creation might be viable in the beginning, but invariably automatically created pages are of inferior quality and will hurt your reputation. Remember that search engines want organic content that is unique, valuable and relevant. Auto created pages could never achieve this.